Creating and Configuring Alert Profiles

Alert profiles are configured with a list of events that will generate an alert. These profiles are then deployed to the servers. When an event on the list occurs, an alert is sent to the Avalanche Console. If the profile is configured for forwarding the alert to e-mail recipients or a proxy, the Console forwards the alert.

The Authorized Users panel allows you to assign privileges for a profile to a user that does not have rights for that profile. This allows you to give a user permission for one specific profile, rather than all profiles of a specific type. Users that already have permission for the profile will not appear in the list of available users. For information about creating users and assigning permissions, see Managing User Accounts.

The settings that can be configured for an alert profile include:

Email Recipients

Each alert profile can notify one or more e-mail addresses when specified events occur. If you want the Avalanche Console to send notification by e-mail, you must add the e-mail address to the Email Recipients list for that profile. The entire contact list will receive e-mails for all alerts generated by that profile.

SNMP Forwarding

The Avalanche Console allows you to set one or more proxy hosts for an alert profile. When you add a proxy to a profile, the Console automatically forwards all alerts for that profile to the IP address of the proxy, enabling you to integrate Avalanche with your existing network management tools.

Available Alerts

Avalanche provides a list of events that will generate alerts. You can choose events from this list when you create an alert profile.

See the following sections for additional information on configuring alert profiles:

Adding E-Mail Contacts
Adding SNMP Proxies

To create an alert profile:

1   From the Profiles tab, click New Profile.

The New Profile dialog box appears.

2   Select Alert Profile.

The New Profile Details page appears.

3   Type a name for the profile in the Name text box.
4   If desired, enable the profile or type any notes in the Notes text box.
5   Configure the Email Recipients, SNMP Forwarding, and Available Alerts.

Note:   You must have the SMTP server settings configured if you want to send alert e-mails. For information on configuring the SMTP server settings, see Configuring E-mail Settings.

To add a custom message to any e-mails sent for this profile, enable the Add custom text to emails option and type the message in the text box that appears.
To add an e-mail recipient, click New in the Email Recipients panel.
To add an SNMP address, click New in the SNMP Forwarding panel.
To add events to the alert profile, select the checkbox next to the event in the Available Alerts panel. Use the filters to restrict which events appear.
6   Click Save.

The alert profile is created and configured, and can be assigned to a location.


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