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Management Tabs

The management tabs provide the user with available information relating to his current folder. For example, if the user’s home folder is Chicago, these tabs start by displaying information for Chicago and any sub-folders. Once the user navigates to a sub-folder, the tabs display information for the sub-folder.

Enrollment Tab

The Enrollment tab provides a panel that lists all the enrollment rules for Smart devices. The Enrollment Rules panel displays the enrollment rules associated with the folder that is selected in the navigation tree or any of its sub-folders. For information on creating enrollment rules, see Creating Enrollment Rules for Smart Devices.

Inventory Tab

The Inventory tab provides panels that show the device servers, mobile devices, and mobile device groups associated with the currently selected region or folder.

Profiles Tab

The Profiles tab provides panels listing applied and available profiles for the folder. Profiles are collections of configurations that can be applied to devices or servers. A profile allows you to manage configurations and settings centrally and then deploy those configurations to as many folders as necessary. The Applied Profiles panel displays the profiles that are currently applied to the folder and the type, status, and priority of those profiles. The Available Profiles panel displays all profiles that are available to be applied to the current folder.

For information on applying a profile to a folder, see Applying Profiles to Folders.

Mobile Device Server profiles are exclusive. With exclusive profiles, only the highest priority profile of that type is applied at any given folder. With inherited profiles, it is possible to have two profiles with the same priority number applied at a folder; in this situation, the profile that is applied at (or nearest to) the selected folder takes priority.

Smart Device profiles are not exclusive, but some payloads are. For more information about Smart device profiles, see Managing Smart Mobile Device Profiles.

You can change the priority of applied profiles at the folder where they are assigned.

To change the priority of applied profiles:

1. In the Applied Profiles panel, click Change Priority.

The Change Priority page appears.

2.Reorder the profiles by dragging and dropping.

3.When you are done assigning priority, click Save.

Reports Tab

The Reports tab provides panels that allow you to create and run reports and view the results. For information on about creating and running reports, see Avalanche Reports.

Dashboards Tab

The Dashboards tab provides graphical reports on information about the devices in your inventory.

Tools Menu

The Tools menu provides access to the Alerts page, user management, audit logs, scheduled tasks, maps, system information, and settings. For tasks related to the Tools menu, see Console Tools.

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