Fully Managed Mode

Fully managed device mode offers extensive control over device policies, settings, and applications of Android 6.0+ devices. Fully managed mode is typically used for company-owned devices, since it has full control over the device and its data. When a device is in fully managed mode, you can also perform device actions from the Avalanche console, such as locking and wiping the device.

Fully managed mode also gives you the option to set devices as lock task devices (also known as kiosk or dedicated devices). For more information about configuring a dedicated device, see Dedicated Device (Lock Task) Mode.

To enroll a device in fully managed mode

1.Factory reset the device.

2.Enter the information to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

3.Tap Set up as new.

4.In the email or phone field, enter afw#avalanche and tap Next.

5.Tap Install to download and install the Avalanche Android Enterprise enabler.

6.Tap Accept & continue to allow Avalanche to manage the device and set up Android Enterprise.

7.Enter the Enrollment ID, Password, and Server address in the text boxes and tap Enroll.

Google Play services are installed and the device is enrolled in Avalanche. This may take some time.

The device is placed in the folder associated with the enrollment rule it used and can be viewed from the inventory tab.

Fully managed mode also offers simplified provisioning options. For more information, see QR Code Provisioning and NFC Provisioning.