Software Payload (Android Enterprise)

Software payloads allow you to distribute apps to smart devices. Devices managed through Android Enterprise download apps from the managed Play Store associated with the enterprise they enrolled with. Once you have created an enterprise, you can log into the managed Play Store to approve, purchase, and publish apps.

Once an app has been approved, purchased, or published in an enterprise's managed Play Store, it will appear in the managed Play Store. Enterprise apps can also be configured and distributed to Android Enterprise managed devices with software payloads.

The following types of apps are available through the managed Play Store:

Normal apps. Approve normal apps in your managed Play Store.

Paid apps. Purchase application licenses through your managed Play Store. View how many licenses you have remaining on the My Managed Apps tab of your managed Play Store.

Private apps. Distribute private apps by publishing them to your managed Play Store. Apps published this way will only be available within your enterprise.

Software payloads for Android Enterprise devices have the following options:

Payload name

The name of the payload.

Enterprise Service Account (ESA)

Select which Android Enterprise's managed Play Store the app will be downloaded from.

Enterprise App

Click Browse to see a list of approved applications in the selected enterprise Play Store. You can select an app from the list or search for a specific approved app.

Current Configuration

Some apps in the managed Play Store offer managed configuration. Available configurations vary by app. For more information, see Configuring Enterprise Apps.

Runtime Permissions

Configure permissions for the selected app. Select Grant, Deny, or Default for each requested permission. Selecting Default will set the permission to use the default option selected under Tools > Android Enterprise. For more information, see Setting Enterprise App Permissions.

For information about distributing software to device admin managed smart devices, see Software Payload.