Unenrolling an Enterprise Account

Before removing an enterprise account from Avalanche, you must remove any payloads or enrollment rules associated with the enterprise. Unenrolling an enterprise account from Avalanche does not delete the account. The enterprise account can be re-enrolled at any time, but the enterprise's users and related user data will only remain available through Google for 30 days. If the enterprise is re-enrolled within that time, the user data will be recovered.

Unenrolling an enterprise account does not remove devices from the Avalanche inventory, and it does not remove the work profile from devices. For information about unenrolling a enrolled device and removing the work profile, see Wiping a Device.

To unenroll an enterprise service account

1.Edit any enrollment rules associated with the enterprise account to no longer link to the enterprise.

2.Delete any software payloads associated with the enterprise account.

3.Navigate to Tools > Android Enterprise.

4.Select the enterprise from the list.

5.Click the Unenroll Enterprise button.
The enterprise account is removed from Avalanche.