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Wiping a Device

The Wipe action allows an administrator to remove files from a remote device from the Avalanche Console. A device wipe may perform differently depending on the OS type and enrollment type of the device.

ClosedAndroid or iOS Devices

When you perform a wipe action for an Android or iOS device, you have three options:

Selective wipe

Removes all the data associated with the Avalanche payloads from the device. For example, a selective wipe would remove app restrictions or Wi-Fi passwords.

Selective wipe + delete

Removes the data associated with the Avalanche payloads and also deletes the device from the Avalanche inventory.

Factory reset

Removes all personal files and applications from the device and restores the device to its factory settings. This option does remove the Enabler from the device, but it does not remove the device from the Avalanche inventory. If the device is enrolled with an Android Enterprise, this option will only remove Avalanche and the work profile. The rest of the device's data will remain intact.

You must have an Apple ID associated with the device in order to perform a device wipe for an iOS device.

If the device is an Android device, the selective wipe does not remove the Avalanche Enabler from the device. For information on removing the Enabler from the device, see Removing Avalanche from a Smart Device.

ClosedAIDC Devices

When you have applied an AIDC mobile device profile that has Device Wipe folders configured, you can perform a remote wipe of the device. A remote wipe will delete the contents of the folders and reboot the device. If files in the folders were unable to be deleted because they were in use, the Enabler will attempt to delete them after the reboot. If the server is unable to contact the device using a TCP/IP connection, it will attempt to send the wipe command using SMS.

If there is more than one AIDC mobile device profile applied on the device, all of the Device Wipe folders for all of the applied profiles will be deleted during a device wipe. For information on configuring Device Wipe folders, see Configuring Device Wipe Folders.

Avalanche does not provide a method for restoring any of the information in the deleted folders.

To perform a remote device wipe

1.From the Inventory tab, click the name of the device you want to wipe.
The Device Details page appears.

2.Click the Wipe button at the top of the page.

3.If the device is an AIDC device, a dialog box asks you to confirm the wipe action. When you confirm the wipe action, all files in the Device Wipe folders are deleted.


If the device is a smart device, the Wipe Device dialog box appears. Select the type of wipe you want to perform and click Wipe Now.

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