Configuring Device Wipe Folders

Device wipe folders in an AIDC mobile device profile allow you to specify folders or directories on the device that contain sensitive information. When a device is wiped, all the information in the folders is deleted.

To configure device wipe folders

1.From the Profiles tab, click the name of the mobile device profile you want to configure.
The Mobile Device Profile Details page appears.

2.Click Edit.

3.In the Device Wipe Folders panel, click New.
The Device Wipe Folder dialog box appears.

4.Type the full Device Path to the folder in the text box and click Save.

If the server is unable to contact the device using a TCP/IP connection, it will attempt to send the wipe command using SMS. When the device's Enabler receives the command, it will delete all files in the specified folders and force the device to reboot. If any of the selected files were in use, the Enabler will try again to delete them after the reboot.

For information on performing a device wipe after the profile has been deployed, see Wiping a Device.