Importing a Certificate for the Smart Device Server

An SSL certificate is required to secure the connection between smart devices and the smart device server. This step is mandatory if you connect Android or iOS devices to Avalanche. After obtaining an SSL certificate and converting it to PKCS #12 format with the private key, import it into Avalanche. Use smart device server profiles to distribute each certificate to the server it is for.

For information about obtaining certificates, see Obtaining SSL Certificates.

The certificate must be in PKCS #12 format. If the certificate is in a different format, convert it to PKCS #12 first.

To import a certificate into Avalanche

1.From the Avalanche Console, navigate to the Profiles page and select the smart device server profile you want to add the certificate to.

2.Click Edit.

3.In the HTTPS Configuration section, click Add.

4.Locate the certificate's .pfx file and click Open.

5.Enter the password associated with the certificate in the Password text box.

6.Click Save.

7.Perform a deployment from My Enterprise.

After you have set up the SSL certificate, communication between smart devices and the smart device server is enabled and you can enroll devices. iOS devices also require an APNS certificate. For information about obtaining an APNS certificate, see Obtaining an APNS Certificate for iOS.