Upgrading Avalanche

If you already have Avalanche servers installed, then you will want to perform an upgrade to preserve existing data. During an upgrade, the Avalanche installer migrates the profiles, users, and navigation tree; removes any Avalanche services that are installed locally; and installs the new version. Some data in the Enterprise Server database may be restructured.

What gets migrated



the navigation tree

Certificate Manager

What doesn't get migrated

reports (scheduled or completed)

software packages

scheduled deployments

mobile device details

LDAP user accounts

Completed reports (in PDF, XML, or CSV format) are not migrated, but they are not deleted and can still be accessed through the file system. When you install Avalanche at a different location than your original server, software packages are not copied to the new environment and must be moved manually.

For information about the upgrade process, see the following pages

Upgrading to a Cloned Environment. Use this method if you are upgrading from version 5.3.

Upgrading Avalanche in Place. Use this method if you are upgrading from version 6.0 or newer.

Upgrading Device Servers. If you have installed mobile device servers separately from the Enterprise Server, upgrade them following this method.