Connecting AIDC Devices

After an AIDC device has an Enabler installed and configured, it can contact the mobile device server and enroll in Avalanche. Once a device is enrolled in Avalanche, the mobile device server establishes a persistent connection with the device to allow the server to send commands to the device. This includes actions from the Console such as pinging the device, using Remote Control, or using the Update Now option.

To install the Enabler on an AIDC device

1.From the download site, select the manufacturer for your device, then navigate to the page for your device model.

2.Save the Avalanche Enabler executable file on a PC with ActiveSync.

3.Double-click the Enabler executable file.

4.The installation wizard appears and will walk you through the rest of the installation process.

For detailed information on installing the Enabler on Windows devices using ActiveSync, see Installing the Enabler via ActiveSync.

To configure the Enabler on an AIDC device

Enablers for AIDC devices can be configured to contact the Avalanche server in one of three ways:

Enablers installed on devices with scanners can be configured using a network profile and Scan to Config barcodes. For more information, see Managing Scan to Configure Profiles.

Enablers installed on devices without scanners can be configured through the Enabler interface on the device. For more information, see Manually Modifying the Enabler Configuration.

Enablers can be configured during the installation process or during an ActiveSync connection.

For a list of ports that AIDC devices use to communicate to the mobile device server, see Port Information.

To connect an AIDC device to the Avalanche server

1.From the device, launch the Avalanche Enabler.

2.Click Menu > Connect.

3.If your account requires a device authentication password, type the password and click OK.
The device connects to the server and appears on the Inventory tab of the Avalanche Console.

If you have configured folders with selection criteria, the device will be assigned to the folder that has selection criteria matching the device's properties. If a device does not match the selection criteria for any of the folders, it appears in the Unassigned Devices folder.

Scan to Config profiles can also be used to connect devices to Avalanche, once they have the Avalanche Enabler. For more information, see Managing Scan to Configure Profiles.