Managing Folders

Create folders to organize your devices and make it easier to manage their settings.

A folder that has sub-folders does not need specific enrollment rules or selection criteria. Instead, these parent folders display all of the devices that are included in the sub-folders.

Smart devices are assigned to folders depending on the enrollment rules you have created. When you create an enrollment rule, you associate the rule with a specific folder. Each smart device that connects using that enrollment rule is assigned to the associated folder. You can manually move a smart device to a different folder, but if the device re-enrolls, it will be moved to the folder associated with the enrollment rule used. For more information about enrollment rules, see Creating Enrollment Rules for Smart Devices. For information about moving smart devices to different folders after enrollment, see Reassigning a Smart Device.

AIDC devices are assigned to folders depending on selection criteria defined when the folder is created. For example, if Folder A is created with the selection criterion: ModelName = ITCCK30, Intermec CK30 devices automatically appear in the Folder A inventory when they connect to the server. If an AIDC device does not match the selection criteria for any folders, it will appear in the Unassigned Devices folder that is created by default.

Printer devices are assigned to folders using selection criteria and dynamic placement to assign newly enrolled printers to folders. It is important to create a folder with printer selection criteria before enrolling printers. For more information, see Using the Printer Inventory.

To create a folder

1.In the Navigation Tree, select where you want to add the folder and click New Folder.
The New Folder page appears.

2.Type a name for the folder in the text box.

3.If you want to add AIDC devices to the folder, click Launch Wizard to configure unique selection criteria for the folder.

4.If you do not want inherited profiles and device groups to be visible, enable the Hide inherited profiles and device groups option.

5.(Optional) Configure the latitude and longitude so the new folder is displayed on the map. Click the Use map to plot button to set the latitude and longitude by clicking on the map.

6.Click Save.
The folder appears in the selected location.

To make changes to a folder after it has been created, select the folder in the Navigation Tree and click View. The View Folder dialog box appears, displaying details about the folder. Click Edit to make changes.

To move a folder in the tree, select the folder and use the Up and Down arrows at the top of the Navigation Tree or click View > Move. Moving a folder in the tree changes its priority.