Configuring GCM for Android

GCM support enables Avalanche’s smart device server to establish communication with your Android devices.

Google no longer supports GCM. The instructions on this page are provided for people who already have GCM credentials.

If you do not already have GCM credentials

Use the Avalanche Notification System (ANS). ANS is supported by Ivanti and does not require any additional credentials. For more information, see Connecting Android Devices.

Use Google Firebase Cloud Messaing (FCM). FCM is Google's replacement for GCM. For information about obtaining FCM credentials or migrating from GCM, see Configuring FCM for Android.

To provide Avalanche with existing GCM credentials

1.From the Profiles tab, click New Profile.
The New Profile dialog box appears.

2.Click Smart device server.

3.Type the name of the profile in the Name text box.

4. Under the Push Notifications section, enter the Google Project Number and API key you received in the Google Developers Console.

5.Click Save.

Your Android devices are now able to use Google Cloud services through Avalanche. You must also have an SSL certificate for the smart device server in order to connect Android devices. For more information about certificates, see Obtaining SSL Certificates.