Creating Custom Properties

From the Avalanche Console, you can create custom properties on AIDC and Android devices. These properties can then be used to build selection criteria for software profiles or as device filters. Like the pre-defined properties, custom properties appear as selection variables in the Selection Criteria Builder.

For Android devices, you can create custom properties on a device-by-device basis following the steps below, or use the custom properties payload to assign properties across all devices. For more information about using a custom properties payload, see Custom Properties Payload.

You can also manually distribute a .prf file across devices for device-side properties, by creating a text file with defined properties, and then placing them on an SD card. For more information, see Creating Device-Side Properties.

To create custom properties

1.From the Inventory tab, click the name of the device you want to configure.
The Mobile Device Details page appears.

2.In the Properties panel, click New.
The New Mobile Device Property dialog box appears.

3.Type the category to which you want to add the property in the Property Group text box.

4.Type the Name and Value of the property in the text boxes.

5.Click Save.
The property is added to the list in the Properties panel. The next time the device checks in, these custom properties are synced to the device.