Using the Mobile Device Inventory

The Mobile Devices panel on the Inventory page shows a set of mobile and smart devices based on the currently selected folder. Details include the device model, if the device is compliant with its associated compliance payload, if the device is up to date, and the last time the device checked in.

For information about the printer device inventory, see Using the Printer Inventory.

For information about enrolling devices into the inventory, see Connecting Devices to the Avalanche Server.

Across the top of the panel are device tasks. You can select the checkbox to the left of the device name and then click the task (such as Update or Delete). When you use the Update command, a request is sent to the device that it contact the mobile device server and download any new settings. The Update All and Message All options will update or send a message to all of the devices associated with the current folder and any sub-folders. For more information about device tasks, see Device Tasks from the Console.

To search the device inventory for a specific device, type the device name in the search box.

The left side of the panel displays filters for the information displayed in the panel. When you use a filter, only the devices matching the filter's criteria show in the panel. Click on the Filters bar to expand the filters, then select the filters you want to use. You can use the automatic filters provided or click Edit Filters to create custom filters.

ClosedEditing Columns

ClosedUsing Device Filters

ClosedExample - Creating a filter to view devices that haven't checked in for a week

This example custom filter will show you devices that haven't checked in to the Avalanche server for a week.

1.In the Mobile Devices panel on the Inventory tab, click Filters to expand the Filters area.

2.Select the Use Custom Filter check box then click Edit Filters.
The Edit Filters dialog box appears.

3.Click New Filter.

4.Enter a name for the filter.

5.Click the Launch wizard button.
The Selection Criteria Builder dialog box appears.

6.From the Properties drop-down menu, select LastContact.

7.Click Insert.

8.Click the >= button.

9.Type 7d.

Example expression: LastContact >= 7d

10.Click Validate to validate the selection criteria.

11.Click OK.
The selection criteria appears in the Filter Expression text box.

12.Click Add Filter.
The filter moves to the Existing Filters list and is available to use.

13.Click Save Changes.

14.Select the filter from the Custom Filter drop-down list in the Mobile Devices panel to apply it.
The Mobile Devices panel only shows devices that fit the selection criteria of your filter.