Device Tasks from the Console

This section provides information about the device tasks you can perform from the Avalanche Console. These tasks are performed by clicking on a device in the Inventory tab, then clicking the task button in the tools panel. The available tasks are determined by the type of device.

Universal Device Tasks

Locating a Device using Cell Tower Information

Locating a Device using GPS

Updating a Device

Viewing Location History

Wiping a Device

AIDC Device Tasks

Chatting with an AIDC Device User

Pinging an AIDC Device

Remote Control for Windows Mobile/CE (AIDC) Devices

Sending a Message to an AIDC Device

Smart Device Tasks

Locking a Smart Device

Managing Smart Device Logs

Reassigning a Smart Device

Rebooting an Android device

Remote Control for Android Devices

Unlocking a Smart Device

Updating a Smart Device OS

Printer Devices

Printer Tasks from the Console