Unlocking a Smart Device

An administrator can unlock a smart device using the Avalanche Console, allowing a device user who has forgotten his passcode to access the device. When a device is remotely unlocked, the current passcode is erased from the device and the user is not prompted for a passcode in order to access the device. If the device has a passcode policy currently applied to it, the device user is prompted to create a new passcode.

If the device is enrolled as an Android Enterprise work profile device, this action will only remove the passcode from the work profile. The device passcode will not be affected. For more information about using passcodes with work profile devices, see Passcodes Payload.

To unlock a smart device from the Avalanche Console

1.From the Avalanche Console Inventory tab, click the name of the device you want to unlock.
The Device Details page appears.

2.Click the Unlock button at the top of the page.
A dialog box appears asking you if you are sure you want to unlock the device.

3.Click Confirm.
The passcode is removed from the device.