Remote Control for Android Devices

Avalanche integrates with Splashtop Smart Device Remote Control, so you can view and control any connected Android device from the Avalanche Console. To use Splashtop remote control with Android devices, the device must have the Splashtop platform service and streamer installed.

Smart Device Remote Control defaults to use port 443 which is also used by the smart device server. If you are using a centralized model, change the port that Smart Device Remote Control uses to avoid conflicts with the smart device server.

To enable Smart Device Remote Control for Android devices

1. Obtain the Smart Device Remote Control software from the Community download site. This will include the Smart Device Remote Control Gateway, the Desktop Viewer, and the appropriate device platform service and streamer for each device manufacturer you use.

2.Install and set up the Smart Device Remote Control Gateway (also called Splashtop Center) and Smart Device Remote Control Desktop Viewer. For information about these tasks, see Installing Splashtop Components.

3.Obtain Splashtop licenses from your Ivanti sales representative.

4.Enter your Splashtop licenses into the Smart Device Remote Control Gateway.

5.Obtain an SSL certificate for the Smart Device Remote Control Server. For information about certificates, see Obtaining SSL Certificates.

6.Create software payloads for the platform services and streamers. When creating the payload for the streamer, select the Launch on installation option. For information about software payloads, see Software Payload.

7.Use smart device profiles to distribute the platform service software payloads to devices.

It is important that the platform service is installed on the device before the streamer.

8.Use smart device profiles to distribute the streamer software payloads to devices.

To connect to the Smart Device Remote Control Gateway

Before the Avalanche Console can begin the first remote control session with a device, the device needs to be logged in to the service. Launch the Splashtop app from the device and enter the credentials set during the Remote Control Gateway set up. After the initial log in, the device will connect automatically when the Avalanche Console begins a remote control session.

A JSON file can be used to bypass the initial manual log in requirement, enabling you to configure remote control completely through Avalanche. For information about creating this JSON file, see Creating a JSON File for Smart Device Remote Control.

To begin a remote control session from the Avalanche console

1.From the Inventory tab, click the device you want to connect to in the Mobile Devices panel.
The Mobile Device Details page appears.

2.Click the Splashtop Launcher icon at the top of the page.
A remote control session begins.

Once you are connected to a mobile device, you can access the Registry Explorer, File Explorer, and Process Manager using the available icons in the Tools panel.