Viewing Mobile Device Details

The Mobile Device Details page appears when you click on the name of a mobile or smart device. It provides information about the specific mobile device and may have the following areas:

Summary Information. Provides a quick summary of device health, signal strength and battery life information. The bars will display red, yellow, or green depending on the status of the battery, signal strength, and signal quality of the device.

Tools panel. Provides tools for contacting and managing your device. For information on using the tools in this panel, see Device Tasks from the Console.

Properties panel. Displays the properties last reported from the mobile device. These will include custom properties. For information on configuring properties for a mobile device, see Configuring Device Properties.

Packages panel. Displays the packages installed on the AIDC device, their revision numbers, and reported status (whether the package has been installed, is pending, or if the installation failed).

Device History panel. Displays a history of Avalanche actions for the AIDC device. This may include actions such as changing packages, editing properties, applying a profile, rebooting the device, or changing the Enabler configuration by a device user. This information is only available for devices with 5.2 or newer Enablers that are configured to report the events. (This can be configured on the Reporting tab of the Enabler Configuration Utility.)

Applied Profiles panel. Displays the profiles that are applied to this device. You can filter the applied profiles by using the check boxes at the left of the panel.

Installed Software panel. Displays the software installed on the mobile device.

Certificates. Displays any certificates the AIDC device is using for secure authentication. This tracks details such as when the date the certificate was issued, the date of its expiration, and a countdown of how many days are left until it expires.

For more information about the available device tasks, see Device Tasks from the Console.

For information about printer device details, see Viewing Printer Details.