Zebra Property Collection Payload

Avalanche gathers information about many properties automatically. This payload can be used to gather information about additional properties that are not part of the default set. These properties can be useful for selection criteria, monitoring devices, and creating custom columns in the inventory.

To view the information gathered by this payload, see Viewing Printer Details.

Some property values are set by default and some must be configured. For information about configuring values for specific properties, see Zebra Native Settings Payload.


The properties gathered by this payload are based on Zebra SGD commands. Any attribute that can be paired with a getvar command can be entered in this payload. If Avalanche requests information about a property that is not supported by a particular printer model, the property value will be shown as a question mark in the printer details page. For information about the available properties and their associated attributes, see Zebra Printer Commands.

When adding an attribute to this payload, enter it in lowercase.

For example, to collect the location information, enter: