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Studio SSL Certificate Payload (Android/iOS)

A Studio SSL certificate payload sends an SSL certificate to a device to allow the device to connect to a host using SSL. The certificate must be in .pem format.

When you create a Studio SSL certificate payload, you must associate it with a host profile by editing or creating a Studio host profile configuration payload in Avalanche. The Studio host profile configuration payload is then associated with the certificate you attach in this payload, to ensure secure communication between devices and the host profile. To create a host profile payload, see Studio Host Profile Configuration Payload (Android/iOS).

Once a host profile is ready, send the certificate payload and the host profile payload to the device as part of an application configuration payload. If a user accesses the Edit Host screen on a device for an SSL-enabled host profile, it states "SSL connection enabled" at the top of the screen.

A Studio SSL certificate payload has the following options:

Payload Name

The name of the payload.


The name of the certificate.

To create a Studio certificate payload

1.From the Profiles tab, click New Payload in the Available Payloads panel.
The Payload dialog box appears.

2.Select the iOS and Android option and then click Studio SSL Certificate.
The Studio SSL Certificate dialog box appears.

3.Configure the settings and click Save.

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