Velocity Client Settings Payload (Android)

A Velocity Client settings payload sends settings to the Velocity Client installed on a smart device. The settings in this payload are global (not host-specific), so you can only send one payload of this type to each device.

To create a TE emulation settings payload

1.From the Profiles tab, click New Payload in the Available Payloads panel.
The Payload dialog box appears.

2.Select the iOS and Android option and then click TE Emulation Settings Configuration.
The emulation parameters appear.

3. Configure the payload by selecting the options available through the tabs on the left, and then click Save.

To apply the settings on devices, add the payload to an Application Configuration profile and apply the profile to a folder. Once you have performed a deployment, licensed devices assigned to that folder receive the settings the next time they check in. If a device is unlicensed, print the QR code associated with the folder and scan it with the device to configure the Client. For information on printing the QR code associated with a folder, see Configuring Software on Unenrolled Smart Devices.

A Velocity Client settings payload has the following options:

ClosedBrowser Config



ClosedKey Macros