Applying Profiles

Once you have established your regions and folders and created profiles, you can apply profiles to your network. A profile applies settings to your devices and servers. If you do not assign the profiles you create, the settings in those profiles will not be applied.

When you assign a profile to a region or folder, it is also applied to any sub-folders and their devices. When this happens, the profile is said to be inherited. For information on excluding inherited profiles, see Editing Exclusions.

Profiles are applied to the devices based on the selection criteria for the profile and the priority in which the profiles are listed in the Avalanche Console. Each profile can have selection criteria that define which devices can use the profile. A profile can be assigned additional selection criteria when it is applied to a folder. This may be useful when a single folder requires specialized. For information on selection criteria, see Using Selection Criteria.

For descriptions of the types of profiles available, see Configuration Profiles.

To apply a profile

1.In the Profiles tab, use the Navigation Tree to navigate to the region or folder where you want to apply the profile.

2.In the Available Profiles panel, select the check box next to the name of the profile you want to apply and click Apply.
The Selected Profiles screen appears.

3.Click Apply to apply the profile without deploying it.


If you want to schedule a deployment for the folder, click Schedule Deployment and select the desired deployment options.

You can also apply a profile to a folder from the Profile Details page. From the Profiles tab, click the name of the profile you want to apply. In the Applied Locations panel, click New and select the folder you want to apply the profile to.

To view where a profile has been applied

From the Profiles tab, click the name of the profile you want to view.
The home folder for the profile appears in the profile details.

You can also view the regions and folders where the profile has been applied in the Applied Locations panel.

To change the priority of applied profiles

1. In the Applied Profiles panel, click the Change Priority icon.
The Change Priority page appears.

2.Drag and drop the profiles to reorder them.

3.When you are done assigning priority, click Save.