Printer Device Server Profiles

A printer server profile allows you to configure your printer server settings. The home location for the profile is the location you have selected when you create the profile.

To create a printer device server profile

1.From the Profiles tab, click New Profile.
The New Profile dialog box appears.

2.Click Printer device server.

3.Type the name of the profile in the Name text box, enable the profile, and configure the profile settings.

Configuration options

HTTPS Configuration. Enables the printer device server to communicate with devices using SSL certificates. Printer management requires a root CA certificate and an SSL certificate signed by the root certificate. You can use either a third-party certificate (recommended), a certificate signed by Zebra, or a self-signed certificate. For information about obtaining third-party certificates, see Obtaining SSL Certificates. For information about creating a self-signed certificate, see Creating self-signed certificates for printer device servers.

ClosedTo add a certificate to a printer device server

Once a certificate has been added, click View Certificate to see information about the certificate, including the expiration date and the full certificate chain. This information can be viewed anytime after the profile has been created by editing the profile.

Printer Devices Periodic Updates. Select whether update scheduling settings for this profile should be inherited from a parent folder's printer device server, on, or off. If this profile is at a top level, parent location, select on or off. If inherit is selected at a parent location, child locations will not find any settings to inherit.

If scheduling is turned on, enter a start time (using a 24-hour clock) for the update window and how often it repeats.