Connecting to Mobile Devices

After you configure the client and server settings, deploy the Remote Control client to the mobile device. Once the mobile device has the client installed, and you have added Remote Control licenses through Avalanche, you can create Remote Control connection sessions. A connection session is when the mobile device is connected to Remote Control, allowing you to view and control the mobile device. 

The Remote Control Client has an option to preconnect. When preconnect is enabled, the mobile device will automatically connect to the Remote Control Server without receiving a connection request. Then, when a user begins a connection session, the session begins quickly and easily because the device is already connected to the server. You can enable or disable preconnect from the Remote Control Console.

When you have initiated a connection session, the device appears in a Remote Control Viewer. If you launch the viewer from the Avalanche Web Console, the connection session will appear in the Web Viewer. If you launch from the Remote Control Console, the connection session will appear in the Standard Viewer.

Device skins are not supported in the Web Viewer. They may appear, but they won't have any functionality.

This section provides information about the following Remote Control connection tasks:

Connecting to a Mobile Device

Closing Remote Control Sessions

Standard Viewer Tasks

Web Viewer Tasks


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