Studio Java Server User Guide

Wavelink Studio allows you to write and run your own applications on your wireless network. The Java Development Library is a set of classes that you reference from your Java application. The library provides 36 classes and hundreds of methods designed specifically for developing wireless applications. These methods and objects range from basic input and output functions over a wireless network to playing custom tone files on an mobile device.

Once you have written your application, it runs on the Studio application server. Mobile devices running a Studio client can connect to the application server and access the application over a wireless network. The AutoDiscovery feature in Studio allows mobile devices to locate and connect to servers on your network without requiring you to configure those devices with specific server addresses and port numbers. You also have the option of using an SSH server to secure the connection between the Client and the server.

You can run several applications from one application server, one application on many servers, or a combination. When multiple servers contain the same application, Studio tracks the connection capacity for each application server. As new application requests are received, Studio routes the connection to the server that has the most percentage capacity.

Studio’s Client/server protocol supports industry standard Unicode. This feature enables the Client to display Unicode fonts (including those with wide characters, such as Chinese and Japanese) and allows the server and Client to send and receive Unicode characters.

This guide focuses on the installation of Studio and how to use its features to ensure that mobile device users have reliable connections to applications. For information on using the Java Development Library to develop applications, see the Java Development Library documentation.

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