TellEvent Method

This member of RFIO Object is supported on Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Palm, and DOS.

The TellEvent method checks the input queue for any data sent from the RF device. It returns immediately whether data was present or not. It does NOT remove the event from the input queue.


pszEvent = object.TellEvent ()


HRESULT hr = object->TellEvent(Cstring *pszEvent);

Return Value


The return input event. If this method returns an empty string an error may have occurred. Use the RFGetLastError method to return the generated error code.


As mentioned in the description, TellEvent does not remove any returned input values from the input queue. This method therefore allows you to simply check for user input without pausing your application. To actually remove returned input from the input queue, a subsequent call to another input method, such as GetEvent Method or RFInput Method, must be made following TellEvent. You may also use a call to the LastInputType method to return the origin of the last input type (e.g. scan, keypad, function key input).


See RFError Samples.


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