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Mode Settings

The settings on the Host > Mode tab depend on the project type and emulation type. Not all features are available for all project types.

Default Native Mode

Forces the Velocity Client to display screens in Native Mode (black and green screen) when you connect to the host profile. If this option is not selected, the Client's HTML rendering engine is used to update the appearance of screens.

Allow User to Switch Modes

Allows the user to voluntarily switch between Native mode and Modern mode. When this is disabled, the user cannot choose which mode to use.

Auto Switch to Native Mode

Determines if the Velocity Client will automatically display screens without an HTML template in Native Mode. When enabled, all screens encountered without an HTML template will display in the traditional black and green screen. When disabled, these same screens display a loading animation and a Native Mode button. In this instance, the screen will not display until Native Mode is selected, or the user goes back a screen.

Disable Predictive Formatting

Disables all predictive screens so that they do not appear on the Velocity Client. Any screen labeled as "Predictive" on the Screens tab cannot be used on the Client. Only screens that have been edited and are labeled as "Template" are usable at the device level. For more information about predictive versus template screens, see Editing Screen Elements.

Predictive formatting should only be disabled if you have made manual changes to each screen. If a screen is unedited and displays as "Predictive" from the Screens tab, then the screen will not load at the device level and only displays a wait screen. No inputs are allowed on these screens.

Screen Rotation

Specifies which screen orientations are supported on the device.

Possible values include:

Lock Portrait

Lock Landscape

Lock Reverse Portrait: Use to invert a portrait screen orientation and lock it in place. Tool bars and keyboards also invert. For use with TE and Web projects.

Lock Reverse Landscape: Use to invert a landscape screen orientation and lock it in place. Tool bars and keyboards also invert. For use with TE and Web projects.


Keep Device Awake

Prevents the device from falling asleep while Velocity is the active app. This keeps the screen on and may drain the battery faster. If Velocity is running in the background, this feature does not keep the device awake.

Default Zoom Level

The default zoom when a page loads.

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