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Getting Started with Ivanti Velocity

To get started with Ivanti Velocity, use the following steps:

1.Install and license the Velocity Client on an Android device. For information on downloading, installing, and licensing the Velocity Client, see Installation and Licensing.

2.Install the Velocity Console on a Windows desktop or laptop. For information about installing the Console, see Installing or Upgrading the Velocity Console.

3.Using the Velocity Console, configure the host information in a project.

Initially, you may want to keep this configuration simple and just provide the host address and connection type. Later, you can configure other host options and add customized keyboards, scripts, touchscreen elements, and voice actions. For information about configuring a project, see Configuring Host Profiles.

4.Distribute the project with its settings to the Android device. For information about deploying a project, see Distributing Settings to Devices.

5.Launch the Velocity Client and tap on the name of the host profile to connect to the host.

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