Logging Settings

The settings on the Host > Logging tab depend on the project type and emulation type. Not all features are available for all project types.

Enable Logging

Enables the creation of a log file on devices using this project on the Velocity Client. The logging file allows for more in-depth troubleshooting by Ivanti support personnel.

On Android, the log file is stored on the device in the Android/data/com.wavelink.velocity/files folder.

This option is available for TE and SIM projects.

Log File Max Size (kB)

The maximum allowable size for the log file before the oldest entries are automatically removed. This cannot be altered unless Enable Logging is set to Yes. By default, this is set to 1024 kilobytes.

This option is available for TE and SIM projects.

Enable Screen Capture

Allows the device user to capture the screens sent from a host. For more information, see Capturing Screens. This option is available for TE projects.