Printer settings

The following settings are available on the Host > Printer tab of the host profile.

Printer type. Select from the following options for printing:

None. The Client does not send data to a printer.

Bluetooth. The Client sends print data to the first printer in the list of Bluetooth-connected devices. Bluetooth printing is only available for Clients running on Android. To specify a specific printer, use the Device.setPreferredBluetoothPrinter() API. For more information, see Velocity Advanced Configuration Guide.

Serial. The Client sends print data to a serial printer. Serial printing is available on Windows devices, or Honeywell or Zebra devices running Android. If you select serial printing, you must provide the speed and parity settings for the connection to the printer.

For Windows, you can select the port from the Port dropdown selector. To specify a serial port on Android, type the name of the serial port in the Port combo box. For example: /dev/ttyS0

By default, Velocity sends a wake-up command to the printer and waits for confirmation that the printer is ready before it begins to send print data. If you select serial printing, you can disable the Wait for the printer to be ready option to eliminate that pause. This is designed to be used in situations where the printer is always connected and powered on. Sending data before the printer is ready may result in a failure to print or a garbled print.

Use the Keep printer session alive (in seconds) option to define the length of time that Velocity keeps the serial printer session alive after sending print data. This keeps the printer from going to sleep and keeps the connection open for Velocity to send additional print data. It may also prevent the printer from being used by other apps.