Deploying a project

Deploying the project from the Console saves all the settings, files, and scripts in the project into a .wldep file. If you are using Speakeasy with languages other than English or Spanish, deploying a project also creates a .wlvpk file that contains the speech-to-text files for a selected language. If you use a Global settings project type, it is deployed as a .wlxgp file. Distribute one global settings file to each device in addition to your regular deployment files.

To deploy a project from the Velocity Console to a local Windows Client

1.If the project is open, click the arrow next to the Deploy button and select Local client.

2.If there is already a deployment file with the same name in the directory, you are prompted to replace it.

The project deployment is automatically copied into the %Programdata%\Wavelink\Velocity directory, and the local Velocity client will load the project.

To deploy a project from the Velocity Console

1.If the project is open, click Deploy.

2.Navigate to the location where you want to save the file and provide a file name for the project. Click Save.

The project is deployed as a .wldep to the specified destination. It can now be distributed to devices.

If you are also using the Speakeasy component with voice enabled, the project also deploys a .wlvpk file, which contains the speech-to-text language files. The text-to-speech functionality is included as part of the Velocity Speakeasy Service installed on the Android device.