Distributing Settings to Devices

After you have created a project with the desired host profile and settings, distribute it to your devices. Distributing a project has two steps:

1.Deploy the project from the Console. This takes all the settings, files, and scripts and uses them to create a .wldep file. If you are using Speakeasy with languages other than English or Spanish, deploying a project also creates a .wlvpk file that contains the speech-to-text files for a selected language. If you use a Global settings project type, it is deployed as a .wlxgp file. Distribute one global settings file to each device in addition to your regular deployment files.

2.Copy the file (or files) to the devices using one of the following methods:

Over USB. Use the instructions below to copy the files over USB.

If you've already deployed projects to a device, use the Tap to Share feature to share the configuration to another device with Velocity installed. For more information, see Using Tap to Share.

Using mobile device management (MDM) software like Ivanti Avalanche. For information on using an MDM to distribute the files, see Distributing settings using MDMs.