Form details tab

The Form Details page has information about the form and the Ivanti Neurons for IIoT server that it is published to. It includes the following fields: 

Form title. A name for the form project.

Created by. The person or entity who created the form.

Customer name. A name for the company or organization that the form is designed for.

Submission is mandatory. After the form is opened in the Velocity Client, the form cannot be canceled or closed until it is submitted. The user can switch to a different session, however.

Show form in context menu. Determines whether or not the form name is shown in the context menu on the Client. For example, you may disable this option when you only want a form to be launched by a script.

Version. A user-defined version number for the form.

Form description. A description of the form.

Publishing credentials

In order to publish the form, you must provide the server address and a username and password for a user who had the Administrator role for the server. Velocity stores the server address and the username for publishing the form, but it does not save the password. The Velocity Console user must provide the password when they publish. For information about setting up credentials, see Managing Ivanti Neurons for IIoT credentials.