Application Control


What's new in Application Control?

Version 2019.1

Add Groups to Process Rules

You can now select to add Folders and Groups to Process Rules. This provides the added benefit of being able to update all rules within the one group rather than having to go through each one individually.

For more information see Process Rules

Per Item Auditing Support to Library

New option to ignore event filtering for Groups. This now provides the ability to log events for each group item instance, so if a group is used in multiple places each instance has its own setting. This setting overrides any event filtering that has been set.

For more information see Allowed Items and Denied Items

Make Network Share Accessible

New default setting to deny files on a network share. To allow files, you can either deselect this option, or add specific items to an Allowed list.

For more information see Advanced Settings

Rules Analyzer Command Line Information

Command line arguments included in the Rules Analyzer results for allowed, denied and elevated executables. This is useful for troubleshooting and to create targeted rules.

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