What's new in Application Control?

Version 2020.3

In addition to code enhancements and bug fixes the following features are included:

Allow custom tokens for self-elevation

Application Control now offers even greater control over the access token used when self elevating. Administrators can define custom tokens and these are available for selection from the Self-Elevation Options dialog. Refer to Self-Elevation for further information.

Configurable prompt when elevating applications

Rule items for files, folders, signatures, and groups can now be configured to prompt the user before elevating application privilege. This allows the user to choose whether to run the application (or item) elevated or normally. Refer to Rules Items for further information.

For auditing purposes, it is recommended the user is prompted to supply a reason for the elevation. Monitoring auditing events enables administrators to easily distinguish between automatic elevations and those initiated by a user.

Medium integrity level custom token

Administrators can now configure custom tokens to run at medium integrity. Refer to User Privileges for further information.

Rules Analyzer enhancements

The Application Control Rules Analyzer now includes a checkbox that allows the filtering out of file overwrite and rename requests. The Rules Analyzer request summary view includes the rules Type field value. This shows at-a-glance the type (or category) of request type made, and prevents the analyst having to open and review individual requests to view the result. Refer to Rules Analyzer for further information.