What's new in Application Control?


In addition to code enhancements and bug fixes the following features are included:

Integration with ServiceNow SSO for Policy Change Request

The popular extension of Policy Change Request to integrate with ServiceNow has been further enhanced to support SSO for the end users.

See Policy Change Request - ServiceNow for details.

Addition of a New Condition – AAD Joined

Following on from the 2022.3 release of Application Control where we introduced support for AAD users and groups, in this version, we’ve added a new condition “AAD Joined” for use when creating and editing rules.

See Azure Active Directory for details.

File Menu Alteration

The ‘Unlock without saving’ option has moved to the top level of the file menu to remove the confusion of it being in the ‘Save’ menu.

File Permission Update in AMAgentAssist

To avoid a potential exploit, the file permissions on AMAgentAssist have been altered.

CreateProcess APIs Potential Exploitation Removed

It has been possible to run unexpected or untrusted applications via the CreateProcess native APIs. This is no longer the case.


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