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What's New in Environment Manager?

Version 2018.3 SP1

VHD Cache Roaming - Windows and Outlook Search

The cache roaming feature has been extended to include support for roaming both the Windows and Outlook search indexes. This is achieved using two new built-in templates:

Outlook Search Template
The Outlook search index is roamed between sessions in both VDI and RDSH on a per-user profile.

Windows and Outlook Search Template
A system-wide Windows search database can be roamed on a single-user desktop (VDI, kiosk/hotdesk PC)

For more information, see Windows and Outlook Search .

Personalization Database - Azure SQL Compatibility

With this release it is now possible to deploy the Personalisation database as an Azure SQL database. This means you no longer need to use virtual machines to manage your SQL database in Azure.
Configuration and management of the database continues to be done via the Server Configuration Portal (SCP) and support remains for on-premises and Azure virtual machine SQL server installations.

For more information, see Azure SQL as a Service Compatibility

Personalization Template - Roam File Type Associations (Windows 10)

Roam File Type Association Windows 10 using the new built-in Windows Settings Group Template. Persist user default application preferences across sessions ensuring a consistent and familiar User experience regardless of the device.
For more information, see File Type Associations Action.

GeoSync AlwaysOn Support

AlwaysOn support has been added to GeoSync. Previously with SQL Merge Replication, you have needed to disable Replication on the master and all subscribers prior to upgrading to a newer version of Environment Manager. This is not the case with GeoSync, upgrades can be performed with GeoSync in place.
For more information, see GeoSync AlwaysOn Support

Version 2018.3

OneDrive Cache Roaming

The cache roaming feature has been extended and now includes a built-in template to enable a user's OneDrive cache to be roamed between non-persistent sessions. This benefits organizations using Office 365.
For more information, see OneDrive Cache Roaming.

Concurrent User Access for Office 365 Virtual Containers

It is now possible to use the cache roaming feature to provide users with access to their cache when working across multiple virtual sessions. A typical scenario is where a user is accessing Outlook from multiple virtual sessions.
For more information, see Concurrent users.

Run As or Connect As features - Improved Security

The Run As or Connect As features allow drive mapping and policy actions to be performed using a profile selected from the Run As User Library. The method used to encrypt and decrypt credentials for such user profiles has been improved in 2018.3 to provide far greater security.

A public key and private key pair is now used to encrypt and decrypt Run As credentials:

  • The public key is used on the Environment Manager console to encrypt the password
  • The private key is required by the agent to decrypt the password. The private key must be installed in the Certificates - Local Computer\Personal\Certificatesfolder on every endpoint being managed

For more information about this feature, see Run As User Library

Integration with Ivanti Automation

This release introduces integration with Ivanti Automation to enable the automated management of tasks. Routine and complex tasks can now be run from within Environment Manager Policy Action. This integration brings together the power of Ivanti Automation and the Environment Manager Policy engine, allowing IT the time to focus on higher priorities.

For more information about this feature, see Automation integration into Environment Manager Policy.

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