What's New in Environment Manager?

Version 2021.1

In addition to code enhancements and bug fixes the following features are included:

VHD(X) Support

Support for cache roaming for virtual sessions is now extended to include VHDX and VHD. VHDX offers the benefits of higher virtual disk storage capacity, and is optimized for use with modern hardware and operating systems.
Refer to Cache roaming for virtual sessions for further information.

VHD max size

Default values for the maximum storage capacity has been increased for VHD to 150 MB and 2 TB. For VHDX the maximum capacity is between150 MB and 64 TB. Refer to Cache roaming for virtual sessions for further information.

Start menu

The Windows 10 Start Menu Builder now allows you to create personalized Start menu actions without a tile layout.
Refer to Windows 10 Start Menu Builder for further information.

Personalization Operations changes

Full Profile Deletion in PersOps

A Delete Current Settings for All Groups option has been added to the Personalization Operations user interface.
See Personalization Operations Help (Current Settings for Single Users) for further information.

Allow Membership of Multiple Groups

As of 2021.1 Personalization server provides aggregated authorization, where multiple roles assigned to a user are combined. Previously when duplicate groups were matched a ‘Conflicting Groups’ message was displayed.
See Personalization Operations Help (User Management) for further information.

Previous Versions