What's New in Environment Manager?

Version 2021.3

In addition to code enhancements and bug fixes the following features are included:

Environment Manager Endpoint Analysis Tool

Gain environment wide insights into the applied EM Policy Configuration on every device.

The Environment Manager Endpoint Analysis Tool enables analysis of policy configurations on endpoints using endpoint logging data. The tool detects and highlights configuration issues that may exist so that administrators can quickly investigate, diagnose causes, and make the changes required accordingly. In addition to its value in troubleshooting or debugging configuration issues, the tool enables risk assessment of planned upgrade or system changes.

Refer to Endpoint Analysis Tool for further information.

Non-Virtualized Application Group Personalization

The behavior and performance of certain applications can be adversely affected when their user settings reside within a virtual cache. Where critical functions rely upon interaction with 3rd party or OS resources it has been previously necessary to shift management of them from Application Groups to Windows settings groups (WSGs).

With the 2021.3 release, Environment Manager offers real flexibility where this scenario occurs. Configured on a per-Application Group basis, the ‘Non-Virtualized’ Application Group (or NVAG) option enables captured settings to remain in the real file and registry locations - as opposed to the default virtual cache. Synchronization continues to occur at start and end of the application groups processes. The result is optimal performance with no hindrance to users at on Logon or Logoff.

Refer to Applications Groups and About PVC virtualization for further information.

Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 – OS Conditions

OS conditions within Environment Manager Policy and Personalization (Windows settings groups (WSGs) have been updated to support Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.

OS conditions enable Administrators to create actions or make selections based upon the operating system (OS) of the endpoint.

Refer to Computer Conditions and Windows Personalization help topics for information.

Delete Archives and Settings

The ‘Delete Archives and Settings’ option within Personalization Analysis > Delete Settings is now Disabled by default.

Refer to Delete Archives for information.

Office 365 – creation of an Outlook profile action

The ability to configure a Create Office 365 Profile for Outlook is no longer supported in Environment Manager 2021.3 for Microsoft Office 2016 and later.

Refer to Outlook Actions for further information.


Telemetry data can help us measure the quality, scalability, reliability, and capabilities of our products. It can provide us with a wide view of deployment and adoption data and so enable us to make the best-informed decisions on future developments of our products.

Environment Manager 2021.3 introduces telemetry for license data. Information supplied by the agent is in-line with our existing EULA agreement and does not include any sensitive or personally-identifiable data.

Refer to Telemetry for further information.

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