Group policy ADMX

You can use Group Policy ADMX files with a combination of registry settings (engineering keys) to apply a base configuration to Windows endpoints. Advanced settings for Single Sign-On, In-location Sync, Sync Controls, Bandwidth Throttling and Conflict Resolution can also be set up quickly in the same way.

File Director group policies are provided in the File Director GroupPolicy zip file, which customers can download from the support web site. The zip file contains DataNow.admx and the en-US folder containing DataNow.adml language file.

The File Director Group Policy ADMX file can be used with both Local and the Domain-based Group Policy. Save the ADMX file and the language folder to %systemroot%\PolicyDefinitions to make the policies editable through Administrative Templates in either the Group Policy Object Editor or the Group Policy Management Console.

When you use the ADMX template to configure settings via a GPO, the registry values are written into the Policies section in HKCU and HKLM.

Registry settings are evaluated in the following order, with highest priority applied:

  1. HKCU Policy (HKCU\Software\Policies\AppSense\DataNow)
  2. HKLM Policy (HKLM\Software\Policies\AppSense\DataNow)
  3. HKCU (HKCU\Software\AppSense\DataNow)
  4. HKLM (HKLM\Software\AppSense\DataNow)

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