Configure certificates for the File Director appliance

There are two types of SSL certificate which can be configured within File Director:

1.Server certificate – this is presented to File Director clients and is used to encrypt the HTTPS connection for the Web Client and Web Admin. The server certificate must be configured for most File Director deployments.

2.Trusted root certificate – this type of certificate should be configured if File Director will be connecting to a service such as SQL or Active Directory over an SSL tunnel and where the certificate presented by these services is issued by a private (or internal) CA.

The exact process to configure a server certificate will vary, depending upon whether you are importing an existing certificate, and whether you are using a public CA or an internal one.

The following topics describe how to configure server certificates for different scenarios:

Upload an Existing Server Certificate This applies to PKCS 12 or PFX formats (see also notes below).

Example - Using a public CA

Example - Using a private CA

Example - Using a SAN certificate

Back-up an existing certificate


PKCS#12 or PFX is a format for storing a bundle of certificates in a single, encrypted file. The file has a .pfx, .pkcs12 or p12 extension, and includes the server certificate, intermediate certificates, root certificates and the private key.

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