Connect to the Admin console

By default, the File Director Admin console listens for secure socket layer (SSL) connections on TCP port 8443.

Initially you can use the unqualified server name or IP address. If you want to use the server name, you can add the server to your enterprise DNS or add the IP address and server name to the hosts file on your local computer.

  1. In a web browser connect to the File Director Admin console by typing https://<server>:8443 in the address bar, where <server> represents the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the File Director appliance, for example Press Enter.

    When you configure the appliance network settings, a temporary, self-signed, SSL certificate is generated that uses the unqualified server name specified. Your web browser will indicate that there is a problem with the website’s security certificate because it is self-signed and not issued by a trusted certification authority (CA). You can trust this temporary certificate initially and continue to the website.
    Replace this certificate with a trusted certificate containing the server’s fully qualified name.

    The browser connects to the File Director Admin console and displays the login screen.

  2. Log in to the console:

    • Username: appliance
    • Password: The password you configured when you started the appliance.

    By default MS Internet Explorer 9 connects in compatibility mode for intranet sites, that is, sites that do not use the FQDN. You must view the Admin console with IE9 compatibility view disabled. Press F12 to change the Browser Mode.

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