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Deployment Group Alerts

The Alerts node, Home > [Server] > Deployment Groups > [Deployment Group] > Alerts, allow you to manage the list of alerts for all the members of the current deployment group and provides a list of the events raised for the selected item in that group in a tabbed panel in the lower area of the view. Actions allow you to process alerts by flagging them as acknowledged or resolved, or delete alerts from the list.

For managing alerts for all deployment groups, see Alerts View



Severity Severity level based on the alert rule.
ID ID of the event for which the alert is generated.
Rule Alert rule.
Computer Computer name on which the alert originated.
Deployment Group Deployment group from which the alert originated.
Last Event Time the last event was raised for this alert rule.
Status Status of the alert: Acknowledged, Resolved, New.




ID Event ID.
Date/Time Time the event is raised on the client computer.
Computer Computer on which the event occurred. This may be reported as anonymous if Always use anonymous MACHINE name in events is selected in Auditing.
User User action which caused the event. This may be reported as anonymous if Always use anonymous USER name in events is selected in Auditing.


  • Acknowledge — Flags selected alerts as acknowledged.
  • Resolve — Flags selected alerts as resolved.
  • Delete — Deletes all selected alerts.
  • Delete All — Deletes all alerts.
  • Show Event Details — Launches the Event Details dialog box for viewing information about the selected event.

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