CAM Database

The CAM Database is a SQL Server database that stores information about machines, other assets, users, files, and license units discovered and managed by Cherwell Asset Management.

The information stored in the CAM Database is used to configure agent installation and data collection, manage inventory and metering, and generate a variety of reports in several formats. A CAM installation will normally have only one CAM Database.

On-premises installations: To view information about the CAM Database you're using, go to the Status Panel. Here you can view information about the database, including the name of the database server and name of the database, a description of the SQL Server in which the database resides, the date the database was created, and the Cherwell Software Identification Database version.

Hosted installations: The Hosted Cherwell Asset Management section in the Status panel lists information on the remote host for the database, and the version of the CSID.