CAM Applications and Components

Cherwell Asset Management includes the following applications and components, which work together to manage your organization's software licenses:

  • CAM Administrator: The primary user interface for configuring and administering Cherwell Asset Management.
  • CAM Reporting Applications
    • Reporting is the web application for viewing, filtering, exporting, and printing data gathered by Cherwell Asset Management.
    • License Analytics is the web application for evaluating compliance for a specific set of products within the context of contractually-defined product use rights.
    • SaaS Analytics allows you to report on license usage for Software as a Service products used in your organization.
  • Purchasing: A  web-based application for recording and tracking purchasing information for hardware and software in your environment.
  • Certificate Manager: A utility for generating a certificate that contains a persistent, private key for export and loading on other CAM Administration Service machines.
  • External Connector: A utility for importing data collected by supported data sources for analysis and reporting.
  • CAM Administration Service: A collection of components that reside on the server. This collection sits between the administrative component and the data store. The components provide the management functionality in CAM Administrator.
  • CAM database: The data store that holds inventory and usage data from machines, and stores its data in Microsoft SQL Server format. Reports are generated from the data in the CAM database.
  • CAM Access Point: A conduit that facilitates communications between the machines and the CAM database.
    • For on-premises installations, the access point is a web service that runs under Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).
    • For hosted installations, the access point communicates with a web service running on the remote host.
  • CAM Agent:The software that gathers inventory and software usage data from machines. On Windows machines, the agent passes this data to the CAM Access Point, which writes the data to the CAM database.
  • CAM API: The collection of web services that allows you to interchange data with external systems. See CAM REST API and CAM Purchasing API Documentation.