Add/Change Administrator User Policy Dialog Box

With Administrator user policies, you can set up multiple CAM Administrators and manage permissions for them. You can add or change administrator user policies through this dialog box.

 This topic applies to: CAM authentication

Getting There

To add or change an Administrator user policy:

  1. Enter a user name and domain in the appropriate text boxes, or select Browse to open the Browse for User dialog box and search for a user.
  2. Specify the permissions to give this user:
    • CAM System Administrator: Can perform any and all tasks in CAM Administrator.
    • User: Can perform tasks in one or more of these panels:
      • Configure and manage software characteristics
      • Configure managed computers and users
      • Configure hardware assets other than computers
    • Not authorized: Cannot launch or perform any tasks in CAM Administrator.
  3. Click OK. Your changes are shown in the Administrator User Policies dialog box.
This dialog box is called Add Administrator User Policy when you are doing the following:
  • Adding a user to the list of users who have permission to all or portions of CAM Administrator.
  • Adding a user to your list in order to specify that this user is not authorized to run CAM Administrator.
This dialog box is called Change Administrator User Policy when you select an existing user in the Administrator User Policies dialog box and select Change.