Install Agent to Multiple IP Addresses Dialog Box

You can install or update the CAM Agent on multiple machines using their IP addresses.

Consider enabling machines to use the self-upgrade feature.

To install the CAM Agent on multiple machines using their IP addresses:

  1. Enter an IP address subnet in the boxes at the bottom of the dialog box. The fourth box acts as a wildcard, so that all IP addresses in the specified subnet are shown when you select Display.
  2. In most cases, you should keep the Perform DNS lookup check box checked. That way, Cherwell Asset Management only presents a list of IP addresses that are resolved to their associated machine names. If you uncheck this check box, the entire range of IP addresses is shown, without machine names.
  3. After selecting Display, the machines in the IP address subnet that you entered are listed. Select which machines you want to install the CAM Agent on, and select Install.
  4. Enter your installation credentials. You can also specify other settings in that dialog box as well.
The process for updating the CAM Agent is mostly the same as that for installing the CAM Agent for the first time. The main difference is that when updating, you should check the Overwrite existing installations option in the Install/Update CAM Agent dialog box.