Contribute to the CSID Dialog Box

The CAM AppScanner utility collects information about application files on the selected machine in order to find applications that do not yet exist in the Cherwell Software Identification Database (CSID).

Getting There

No personal, sensitive, or confidential information is sent when you run CAM AppScanner. The only information sent is from applications found during the scan. The information you enter in this dialog box is only used to identify you, and to verify that you are authorized to run the utility on the selected machine.

To run CAM AppScanner:

  1. Enter the administrator information, along with the name of the application scan file that is generated:

    • Name: Your name
    • Company: Your company name
    • Email address: The email address we should use to contact you, if necessary.
    • Comments: An optional field that you can use, for example, to call attention to a specific application.
  2. When the Send application scan file later (manually) checkbox is unchecked, as it is by default, the application scan file is sent to Cherwell via HTTPS as soon as it is generated.

    If you check this box, the generated application scan file is saved to the CAM Administration Service machine in the location shown. Each application scan file has a unique name, and you can send the application scan file(s) you generate to us at [email protected] later.

  3. Enter the credentials information for the selected machine:
    • Full user name: A valid user authorized to run applications on the selected machine.
    • Password: The password associated with the above user name.
    • Domain or machine name: The user domain (or the machine name if a local user).

    If the credentials are incorrect, an error is shown, and you won't be able to run the utility.

  • You can only scan one machine at a time, and the utility runs transparently on the selected machine.
  • This dialog box is only available when a machine is selected, and the word "from" and the name of the selected machine appear in the title bar.
  • You can opt in to automatically send unrecognized applications directly to the CSID team; select Yes in the Do you want to enable automatic contribution to the Cherwell Software Identification Database? dialog box.