Software Categories Dialog Box

Getting There

You can use this dialog box to do the following:

  • Specify to which software category the selected license unit(s) should belong. Select a category group to expand it, and then select the category for the license unit(s).
  • Create a new software category group. Click the New button, select Group, and enter the name for the group. Once you create a new software category group, you can create categories to which you can add license units; this is described next.
  • Create a new software category. Click the New button, select Category, and then enter a name for the category and select OK. Leave this category selected in the Software Categories dialog box to assign the selected license unit(s) to it.
  • Change the name of a software category or group. Select the item you want to change from the list, and select Change. Enter the new name for the category or group in the Change Software Category Group dialog box and select OK. When you rename a software category or group, the new name appears in Cherwell Asset Management, but the original names in the Cherwell Software Identification Database (CSID) are unchanged.
  • Delete a user-created category or group. Select a category or group and select Delete. If the category you want to delete contains license units, you are prompted to confirm the operation. Any license units that were in that category still exist, but are not part of any category.
  • Return the current license unit to its default category by selecting Reset.

 When you are finished, select OK to return to the General tab of the License Unit Properties dialog box.