New/Change Custom Machine Property dialog box

Getting There

The information in this topic applies to Windows machines only.

Use this dialog box to add or change custom properties associated with each machine. You can specify the following:

  • WMI-based properties collected from Windows machines during the inventory process.
  • User-defined properties (all platforms), which you can manually enter for each machine or import from an Excel spreadsheet.

Specify WMI Information

To use WMI to define the custom information to collect, select WMI, then specify the WMI class and property to collect during the inventory process. You can also provide a description and WHERE clause for this custom request, and whether you want multiple instances of the property to be returned.

The inventory agent also supports a set of "special" custom machine properties that are specific to Cherwell Asset Management. You can add these properties in the same way that you can add any other custom WMI property. The class name for these properties is WIN32_ESM_CUSTOM.

To make additions or changes to WMI properties, you should be familiar with how to use WMI settings.

Specify User-defined Information

To add a user-defined custom machine property that can be manually entered or imported from an Excel spreadsheet, select User-defined and enter the Label and Description for the new property. Labels are typically short identifiers to remind you of the data to be entered for each machine; the description can provide more complete information and is used in reports. Once a user-defined custom machine property has been defined, values for each machine can be entered via the Machine Properties dialog box or by importing the data from an Excel spreadsheet.

If you are adding a new request, this dialog box is called New Custom Machine Property. If you are modifying an existing request, this dialog box is called Change Custom Machine Property.