How to Collect Custom Network Device Properties

In addition to printers, routers, switches, you can add custom properties to network device discovery or custom object identifiers (OIDs) to always-collected properties. This can help better discover network devices in your organization.

To add custom properties or OIDs:

  1. Select Tools > Template > Network Device.
  2.  If the property you want to include during discovery is listed here:
    1. Select Change.
    2. Select New to open the New SNMP OID dialog box.

    If it isn't listed:

    1. Select New to open the New Custom Data Property dialog box.
    2. Type a name and description for the property to add, and whether it has multiple instances.
    3. Select New to open the New SNMP OID dialog box.
  3. In the New SNMP OID dialog box, enter the SNMP OID to use to retrieve data for the property you're adding.
  4. Specify whether the OID applies to all manufacturers, or select Search to find a specific manufacturer.

    To narrow down your results, the Only show discovered manufacturers option is marked; clear it to broaden your search.

  5. Select the manufacturer to use from the list, then select the Select button.
  6. Select OK to save your SNMP OID information and return to the New Custom Data Property dialog box.
  7. Select OK again to save the property and return to the Custom Network Device Data tab of the Network Device Template.

The new property appears in the list, and the network discovery process collects data on this property the next time it runs.