Troubleshooting CAM Agent Status in the Machines Panel

In the Machines panel, the status bar at the bottom right of the window lets you know when an install or inventory operation has completed. This information is also displayed in the right pane, next to the machine name. If the status of the inventory or installation process does not update, read on for troubleshooting tips.

If you use the Windows Remote Desktop Connection accessory on your machine, you can launch it directly from CAM Administrator to diagnose a problem with a machine. See Remote Desktop Connection for more information.

The “Inventory Started” Status Does Not Update

Description: This problem typically occurs if the CAM Agent cannot communicate with the CAM database via the CAM Access Point.

Troubleshooting: See the following topics and then, after correcting the CAM Access Point issue, try starting the inventory process again:

If you cannot correct the issue using the tips in the above topics, go to the target machine, and search for the Eminvcli.log file. Have this file handy and then contact technical support for assistance in resolving this issue.

The above log file is in a hidden system folder. The exact location depends on how inventory was run.

The “Last Install” Status Does Not Update

Description: In an on-premise installation, you attempted to install the CAM Agent to use a CAM Access Point that references a CAM database other than the one you are using. This can happen if you are transitioning from an evaluation to production environment and have an access point in your production database that is no longer used.

Troubleshooting: On the CAM Access Point machine, open the C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\esmweb\ExpressSoftwareManagerAP\Web.config file in Notepad and verify that the values for <DBMachine> and <Database> tags match the Server and Database entries in the CAM database section of the Status panel in CAM Administrator. In addition, verify that the values for <User> and <Passwd> are valid for the specified database.

The "Last Install" Status Does Not Show the Correct Access Point

Description: CAM Access Point information is stored in the CAM database, not on each machine, so the information is only updated in the Machines panel when you install the CAM Agent or update its CAM Access Point.

Troubleshooting: This behavior is only an issue if you want to load balance your CAM Access Points. In this case, you can update the information shown in the Machines panel by updating the CAM Agent on affected machines (and being sure not to mark the Overwrite existing installations option in the dialog box from which you launch the agent installation).

The "Waiting for Agent Check-in" Status Does Not Update

If you use a proxy server and encounter this problem, see Troubleshooting Proxy Server Settings for help.